Preparerte preparatglass

Artikkelnr.: 215603

Tropiske planter. 10 stk.

NOK316,00 ekskl. mva.
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Ferdig preparerte preparatglass i eske.

Tropiske planter. 10 stk.

  1. Epiphytic fern (Platycerium) t.s.
  2. Date palm (Phoenix) t.s. through leaflet.
  3. Coconut (Coccus) fibre cells w.m.
  4. Cactus, stem with reduced leaves t.s.
  5. Epiphytic orchid t.s. of aerial root.
  6. Lousiana moss, absorbent hairs w.m. (Tillandsia)
  7. Indian rubber tree leaf with crystals t.s.
  8. Coelus t.s. of a square stem.
  9. Begonia, shadow plant
  10. Pineapple (Ananas) tropical fruit t.s.